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While many people think of a relapse as a single, isolated event, it is a process that can take place over a period of weeks or even months. It is a return to drug or alcohol use after a period of intentional abstinence. If someone has relapsed, they have begun using substances or alcohol again after having decided to quit.

Relapse prevention training helps recovering addicts recognize the warning signs of an impending setback. In relapse prevention therapy programs provided by Drug Treatment Centers Greenwich, recovering addicts develop new cognitive and behavioral skills.

These skills, which include making healthy lifestyle changes, changing negative thought patterns, and managing negative emotions,  help addicts develop new strategies for dealing with daily stress after rehab. When administered alongside other drug rehab treatment programs, relapse prevention education gives an addict a much better chance of maintaining his or her sobriety.   

According to medical experts, drug addiction recidivism rates are on par with those of illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and asthma. The National institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 60 percent of recovering addicts in the U.S will experience one or more setbacks in the four years following drug treatment. Statistics show that inpatient drug programs, like the ones available at Drug Treatment Centers Greenwich, reduce relapse rates among substance abuse patients to as low as 20 percent after one year.

If you feel like you may be on the verge of a relapse or are having thoughts about using drugs or alcohol again, now is the time to seek help before it is too late. The drug addiction specialists at Drug Treatment Centers Greenwich are just a phone call away, and ready to help you get back on the right track. Call us now at (203) 242-8261.

What are the Stages?

Rather than being a single event, a relapse is the result of a series of events. An individual can suffer a psychological setback weeks or even months before they return to drug use. There are three distinct stages:

  • Emotional: In this stage, you may not be thinking about using the drug. You may, however, be engaging in behaviors that can cause a future relapse. Some warning signs include anger, feelings of isolation, mood swings, irritability, defensiveness, and not seeking help.
  • Mental: In the mental stage, you may experience conflicting feelings about using or not using the drug. You may be having a mental relapse if you find yourself romanticizing past drug use, thinking about using, or hanging out with people you’ve used with in the past.
  • Physical: Once the mental stage has been reached, physical drug use can happen very quickly.

How it can be Prevented

In order to avoid a relapse, you must be aware of the thoughts and behaviors that lead to your using. Socializing with users, going to parties where drugs or alcohol are served, and frequenting places where you’ve used in the past are all warning signs that you could be close to returning to drug use. Learning your emotional triggers, such as anxiety, fear, stress, and frustration, can help you identify the feelings and thoughts that can lead to this.

Recovery is a life-long effort. Recovering addicts need to learn new strategies and skills for managing life stress. At Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Greenwich, our relapse prevention programs help patients learn recovery tools to avoid future setbacks. In addition to learning to identify your substance abuse triggers, you’ll learn how to avoid high-risk situations, how to relax, and how to be more honest with others and yourself.

If you or someone you love is at risk for returning to drug abuse, call Drug Treatment Centers Greenwich now at (203) 242-8261 and find out how we can help.

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